Our methodology is based on the transfer of human and economic resources, following a process of sensitisation and involvement of our stakeholders, as well as other concerned public and private entities.

Our presence in a Country follows precise requirements expressing the needs of a local actor. Therefore every project is defined and implemented in consultation with the local community, who is also the primary beneficiary, and with the relevant civil society organisations.

SPORT WITHOUT BORDERS ITALY benefits from the support of local organisations, while acting as a technical assistant, able to provide the local actors with complementary tools for the achievements of their objectives of economic and social development.

The effectiveness of our programmes depends on the conditions of implementation. Therefore we support the establishment of local associations and the involvement of teachers, educators, social workers, community leaders, young sports leaders. They are the focus of our advocacy activities and we work to enhance their sense of responsibility and their empowerment. This approach guaranties the success and the sustainability of our projects.