1. Sport is a universal language
Sport is the universal language of our times, a factor of cohesion, and a tool to foster stability and well-being. SPORT WITHOUT BORDERS ITALY aims at developing, through sport, a universal language to support stability in the international community.

2. Every child has the right to play and to practice sport
Sport, physical education and games, are essential for the growth and development of a child. However not everybody can practice these activities, such is the case for thousands of children around the world who live in difficult conditions. Several children do not even have access to the formal education system, hence, sports and recreational activities become key educational tools. SPORT WITHOUT BORDERS ITALY is determinate to defend their fundamental rights and in particular: every child, regardless of her/his social condition and living context, should enjoy the right to play and to practice sport.

3. Sport to contribute to the development of vulnerable groups and communities
Sport promotes dialogue and reconciliation among peoples. It is an effective instrument to promote social equity and individual development. Sport is a new response to the need for the educational and social development of individuals, in particular those in disadvantaged situations. SPORT WITHOUT BORDERS ITALY intends to promote education and development through sports and to actively participate in bridging inequalities with particular focus on vulnerable groups and communities, namely:

-- Street children
- Children victims of war
- Working children
- Refugee children
- Victims of disasters
- Single mothers
- People with disability
- Displaced populations

4. Sport to develop ethics
Each sport, at all levels, entails the observance of rules based on sports ethics, commonly known as fair play. The key point is the concept of fairness in sport. This means abiding by the rules of the game, respecting one's opponent, the referee and the public, as well as being able to accept defeat and to honour the winning party. It also means refusing corruption, doping, racism, and every form of violence; that is, refusing anything that might discredit and damage sport itself. SPORT WITHOUT BORDERS ITALY intends to disseminate these ethical values as the fundamental element of all sports, at all levels.